Sunday, April 15, 2018

Laurel Road Student Loan Refinancing! $80 BONUS WITH MY CODE!

Does this meme sound like you?  Do you have private student loans with a high interest rate? I recently refinanced my private student loans with Laurel Road and I am on the Road to loan payoff! 

I had 2 private loan serviced through NAVIENT with outrageous interest rates (11.25% and 9.375%).  Each year I was paying over $6,000 in INTEREST TO NAVIENT!  I felt like my loans were not decreasing even though I was paying so much money into them!  I decided that I needed to make a BIG change!  I researched many loan servicing companies and stumbled across Laurel Road.  

I input some preliminary information through Laurel Road and they gave me a quote instantly!  I decided to go through with the process which was very easy.  By the next day I was approved to refinance my loans with a 5% interest rate! If you sign up for automatic payments through your bank account, they offer you .25% off your interest rate!  Now my INTEREST RATE is at 4.75%!  

My payments will be the same amount of money I am paying now, as I had the option for a 5, 7, or 10 year loan.  I chose the 7 year loan for the same monthly payment I am currently paying with NAVIENT!  Therefore I will be paying my loan off 3 years sooner!

I will also be SAVING OVER $25,000 over the life of the loan
That is a ridiculous amount of money that I would much rather have in my pocket than the pocket of NAVIENT!

I learned some other great things  about Laurel Road:
  • You may be able to add in any parent plus loans through the refinancing to release your parents.
  • Obtaining a loan on your own will release any cosigners you may have
  • *FORBEARANCE: You may postpone loans for 3 months at a time up to 12 months if you can document an economic hardship. (Many companies could care less about your economic hardship.  You never know what the future brings and its smart to have a plan in case of a job loss, etc.)
I was so excited to be approved that I referred my brother, and he too was approved and will be refinancing his loans through Laurel Road as well!

Use my referral code to get $80 for yourself if you get approved through Laurel Road! 

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Halloween Crafting Ideas for Kindergarten

Do you love Halloween crafts as much as I do? Check below to see some of the crafts I like to do in my classroom!

We love learning facts about bats and pumpkins!

Bat Facts

Welcome to Our Patch

Witch craft

Ripped paper candy corn! Perfect for developing fine motor skills!

For this craft I combined my Who Lives in Your House Glyph with the Itsy Bitsy Spider!

Students practiced writing the sight word "the" in the nursery rhyme The Itsy Bitsy Spider.  Then I taped a straw (or pipe cleaner) to the house with a spider ring.  Now students can say the nursery rhyme and move the spider up and down the water spout.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Saturday, September 19, 2015


Hello Everyone,
My mom teaches kindergarten as well, and she decided to have a Jungle/Safari theme in her classroom this year!  

Click Here to see my original post on my Jungle Safari theme classroom. 

 I went to her school and helped her set up everything.  Luckily her school has air condition (unlike mine).  Here are the preliminary boards!

 Information hut/ Morning meeting area

 Behavior Chart.  Each student is in a safari outfit! You can snag the safari kids templates HERE!

The chart says: Safari Lodge, On Safari, Lost in the Jungle, and Stuck in Quick Sand!  My mother starts all students at the Safari Lodge and moves them according to their behavior!

 Leopard with a Safari Hat

Large Zebra Cut Out

 Zebra valance made from zebra fabric and double sided tape.

K-2 Differentiated Calendar Work for Morning Meeting

K-2 Differentiated Calendar Work for Morning Meeting & SMA

In my class I developed a Calendar sheet that would be completed after we have our morning meeting.  I teach kindergarten and my kinders can complete the sheet on their own after the first few weeks of working and completing it together. I have also used this in aK-2 Self Contained Classroom.

I have 3 differentiated versions of the sheet to meet the needs of all students in the classroom.  When I introduce the sheet, I use my SMART Notebook version and we all complete the sheet together.  This sets my expectations and students can see how the sheet is supposed to be completed.  I start students on the easiest sheet.  After they have mastered each sheet independently, I move them up to the sheet with the next level of difficulty.  

I have found that this works well in my classroom.  I color code the sheets so students know which color sheet they should be working on.  

This sheet aligns with Common Core goals and standards.  It is also appropriate for Kindergarten - second grade.

Includes concepts such as: days of the week, months of the year, sequencing, numbers, temperature, days in school, season, weather, etc.

In this calendar pack you will find:
-3 differentiated calendar sheets
-1 SMART Notebook file 

You can grab your copy HERE:
 K-2 Differentiated Calendar Work for Morning Meeting & SMART Notebook File

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Western Theme Classroom Ideas

Howdy Y'all!  My mom and I both teach kindergarten and each year we switch classroom themes. One of the themes we switch between is the Western theme. Here you will find some ideas we have used over the years! Each time we do it we change it up a little. Enjoy the ideas!

Here is our hut/ reading nook that we have transformed into a covered wagon type structure. It took a lot of time and energy to get it perfect. We used long white bendable plastic pipes from Home Depot to make the front and back of the cover. Then we used some extra bamboo sticks to keep the fabric up. 

Below are some products we use to make our theme special! Click the thumbnail to take a closer look!

News Letter

Calendar Pack

 Word Wall Headers

 Calendar Pack

 Calendar Numbers

 Supply Labels

Supply Labels

Calendar numbers