Saturday, January 4, 2014

Shutterfly and teaching

I have recently started uploading the pictures I take of my class to shutterfly!  I found out that this is one of the parents favorite things, and mine as well. 

With shutterfly I am able to display to the parents what their child is doing in class each day!  I created a share site to share all of the class photos with any parent that wants to view it.  I am also able to keep it locked, so only the e-mail addresses I invite are able to have access to the share site. 

Parents love it because they get to see their child I'm action.  Parents have even told me that they order some of the pictures off the site, as well as have created first year of kindergarten books for their child!

What an exciting thing I have found!  If you are a teacher you should definitely try it out!

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