Monday, August 20, 2012

Safari / Jungle Theme

This year I will be using a Jungle/Safari theme in my classroom!  I cannot wait!  Last year, I was a maternity leave replacement in Kindergarten and did a rainforest theme!  The room came out extremely cute!  I cant wait to even make it better this year, since this will be my own classroom!

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Last year in my rainforest classroom, I had some really great touches which added character to the room!  I really went over the top and the parents and students loved it!

 My welcome board

  • The Jungle / Safari bodies can now be found HERE due to popular demand.
  • I found the large safari hat at AC Moore.  It is made of foam and is easy to staple up.
  • The tree was made from a large carpet tube and brown paper bags.  I went to Home Depot and asked if they had any carpet tubes.  They are usually glad to give you any they have! Then i just slid the brown paper bags over it one by one in an overlapping pattern.

 My Job Chart

 Bulletin Board Outside my Door

 The hallway leading into my classroom

 Rainforest animals hanging on my ceiling! 
Yes, I got up on a 7 foot ladder to hang these on the ceiling!

 Behavior Chart - No Monkey Business

 My Information Hut aka The meeting area

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  1. Where did you get the cutout for your welcome board?

    1. You can find the Safari/ Jungle Bodies in my TPT store: