Saturday, September 19, 2015


Hello Everyone,
My mom teaches kindergarten as well, and she decided to have a Jungle/Safari theme in her classroom this year!  

Click Here to see my original post on my Jungle Safari theme classroom. 

 I went to her school and helped her set up everything.  Luckily her school has air condition (unlike mine).  Here are the preliminary boards!

 Information hut/ Morning meeting area

 Behavior Chart.  Each student is in a safari outfit! You can snag the safari kids templates HERE!

The chart says: Safari Lodge, On Safari, Lost in the Jungle, and Stuck in Quick Sand!  My mother starts all students at the Safari Lodge and moves them according to their behavior!

 Leopard with a Safari Hat

Large Zebra Cut Out

 Zebra valance made from zebra fabric and double sided tape.

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