Thursday, June 26, 2014


Are you ready for a Behavior plan that actually works?

I have used this plan in my general ed kindergarten classroom with 22 students.  Yes, I said kindergarten!  Print one sheet per student/ per day!

This plan works for students of all ages, and visually helps students work to the best of their ability.  Each hour/period I would tell the students to color in one row of badges.  If I didn’t feel that a student was earning a badge to the best of their ability, I told them how many badges they did not earn for that time frame.  They love keeping track of their behavior!

At the end of the day, students calculated how many badges they earned, and which color badge they earned for the day.  (Yes, my kindergarteners were counting their own badges and adding them.  So, Yay for improving their math skills!!)

Students then knew what their reward would be at the end of the day based on the color badge earned.  Here are the choices I gave, but you can adapt them to your needs and classroom.

If they earned GREEN for the day: They could choose from the Treasure Box, and then bring a puzzle or book to their table OR they could choose to play with the Special Toys that I kept in the closet.

If they earned YELLOW for the day: They could choose a book or a puzzle.

If they earned RED for the day: They did not earn play time.

This plan was so motivating to my class, that they even told me when they felt that they did not earn their badges!  How’s that for HONESTY!?  PERFECT FOR CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT!

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