Sunday, August 2, 2015

I Am So Excited to Announce that I Am a PUBLISHED AUTHOR! :)

I am so excited to announce that I am a PUBLISHED AUTHOR! :)  

I created my book in college and now had the time and energy to re-create it, make it better, and re-illustrate all of the picture to make an awesome book!

My father owns a pizzeria, and every year I read my story Jacqualena's pizzeria to my Kindergarten class!  The story an interactive story about a girl named Jacqualena. Jacqualena's father owns a pizzeria, and she shows you step by step how to make a pizza pie. The story teaches elements of time, step by step directions, and has an interactive component where children must think, count, and find.

After reading the story, I invite my father in to help each student make their own pizza pies to bring home! It is always a fun filled day!

Here is the link to the news article: Pizza Making News Article

Now the exciting part!  

My book is currently on sale at Create Space!! In the next few days it will be on SALE on AMAZON!

 I am beyond thrilled, excited, and proud of my work!  Please check it out and share with any of your friends that may be interested!!  Below are some Pages you will find inside the book!!!

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