Sunday, August 9, 2015

The FUN of a Themed Classroom!

Hello All!

I wanted to discuss the fun of having a theme in your classroom.  I teach kindergarten currently, but I have also taught Third grade and K-2 LLD.  Each year I have created a NEW theme in my classroom.  YES NEW!

My students always love coming into a themed classroom.  It turns a boring classroom into an interesting place to learn and play!  Having a theme in the classroom makes the room more cohesive and exciting!  It also keeps things new and interesting for me! I love making new things and getting excited about what items I can find to go with my theme!

I have used several different themes over the past few years including:

  • Rainforest
  • Jungle
  • Beach
  • Circus
  • Western

and this year I will be doing a SPACE THEME!

I have some previous posts on my rainforest, jungle, and beach themed classrooms.

This year in my SPACE classroom I will be using some items I made.

I will be making each student into an astronaut for my WELCOME board.

I had 2 great finds at Christmas Tree Shop!  

I bought 4 paper lanterns @ $1 each (red,blue, green, yellow)  These will be hung over each table to label it.  I will post pictures once I am able to finish up my classroom.

I also found this awesome rocket ship tent!

It's a tent but I know 24 kindergarteners would not be able to share this rocket ship, so I hung it up over our reading area. It's the READING ROCKET!

I will post more pictures of everything once I am done!


  1. Hello! Where did you buy the rocket tent?


  2. I got it at the Christmas Tree Shop